General Incorporated Association
Japan Industrial and Medical Gases Association(JIMGA)

Location of the Headquarters

4F, Success Shibadaimon Building, 2-8-13 Shibadaimon, Minato-Ku, Tokyo, 105-0012 Japan     map     

TEL: 03-5425-2255 FAX: 03-5425-2256 / 03-5425-1189


The Japanese Medical Gases Association (JMGA) was established in 1970, and was transformed into a limited liability intermediate corporation in 2003.                                 

The Japan Industrial Gases Association (JIGA) was established in 1999, and was transformed into a  limited liability intermediate corporation in 2005.                                 

Both associations merged on October 1, 2007, establishing the Japan Industrial and Medical Gases Association (JIMGA) as a limited liability intermediate corporation and JIMGA shifted the status to a General Incorporated Association in June, 2010.

Number of Member Companies

977 companies as of April 1, 2022

Purpose of Corporation

The organization strives to improve and rationalize the production, distribution, and use of industrial gas and medical gas. In addition to medical gas, also involved are the production and marketing of facilities and equipment affiliated with medical gas as well as equipment affiliated with home therapy. The organization also endeavors to raise the level of technology. Along with working toward securing safety and security, the organization strives to create mutual amity and to promote brainstorming among the members, to advance further a healthy development of the industrial and medical gas businesses. Through these efforts, it will endeavor to contribute to the prosperity of the Japanese economy and to the healthy development of the standards of the daily life of the people.

Aspects of the Activities

1. Surveying and planning, as well as research and development, related to the environment, safety, security, and technology of the industrial and medical gas businesses, as well as the promotion and spreading in use of these gases.

2. Taking into account the environmental problems facing Japanese industry, and the trends in international standardization, the surveying, research and development, as well as planning related to the production, distribution, and consumption of industrial and medical gases.

3. The improvement and raising of the quality of, as well as the spreading of the use of,  industrial and medical gases,and gas affiliated equipment and facilities, as well as the equipment used in home therapy.

4. Spreading of the knowledge of pertinent regulations as well as communication and deliberation regarding various problems related to the law.

5. The publication of an association newsletter, and other newsletters, as well as various publications, and the holding of lectures and seminars.

6. Communication and cooperation with related government offices as well as with other organizations, along with the submitting of recommendations and/or proposals.

7. Various policies to promote mutual amity and respect among the member companies.

8. Other operations required for this organization to reach its goals.