UEHARA Masahiro
Chairman, Representative Director

Japan Industrial and Medical Gases Association (JIMGA) is a representative organization of the high-pressure gas industry in Japan.

It is no exaggeration to say high-pressure gases are economically and socially as essential to infrastructures as water and electricity. Industrial gases are important products to support the supply chain in Japan. Especially medical gases are the lifelines to save patients. Our industry carries a very important mission to never stop the supply of these gases.

JIMGA has been managing the following five significant initiatives to support the business of each member company and ensure the social security. 

  1) Active support of disaster management measures
  2) Pursuing security through reinforcement of safety measures
  3) Continuous activity for environmental and energy issues
  4) Works with government agencies to foster safe and balanced regulations and standards
  5) Increasing the social awareness of our industry through public relations

We thank you for your continued support of the activities of JIMGA.